The Spider Eyed People

July 3, 2019

I have previously touched upon different kinds of people – The Crystal Eyed, The Heart People, and some others. I have little need for putting people in boxes but seen from a metaphysical perspective, the boxes help.

The people I’ve mentioned are high frequency beings – the Spider Eyed not so much. They are subhuman-like beings with nothing positive to bring to the table. Quite the opposite. When we encounter them or clash with them—which often will be the result—they will try to create a conflict or construct a conflict in order to deprive you of your power and energy.

After such an encounter, you will often say,

“Why the hell was I so stupid to fall for that and why am I suddenly feeling all bad about myself, because I apparently harmed a fellow human being with quite an innocent deed or remark?”

And that’s their game:

To victimize themselves, or even better, pretend to victimize themselves and make you feel guilty about it in order to control your feelings and your core values.

They are the distorter of genuine values, as in ethics, and they will make you feel like a failure on the core values you have picked up as your ethics. They go for the core and that’s why they are so dangerous if you let them get too close.

It’s my experience that no matter how hard you have worked with yourself, how self-aware you are, they can still shake and rattle you – because most of us have as core values to be patient, kind, and open with people we encounter and even people we might perceive as a bit special or awkward. We often give them the benefit of the doubt and stretch our patience a bit. That is the crack they will use to lower your frequency.

They have etheric spiders in their eyes.

It’s a bit of a shock the first time you see that, and it’s my experience that you don’t have to be extra sensitive and so on in order to encounter this.

The first time I saw this was in my childhood years and I didn’t know what to make of it. Now, I do know what to make of it and it’s not by any means rare.

People I engage with via my work have asked me if I have ever seen spiders in people’s eyes. The last time was yesterday, so I thought it would be all right to go into it.

When you see it, it is like a small spider, often glass-like transparent, hurrying over the whites of their eyes only to go into hiding again in the nest they have in the corners of their eyes.

In order to differentiate, it is not the same as the spiders that feed on people’s bodies, which often are encountered in hands-on healings. That phenomenon is quite well known in the healing community – a spider, often glass-like from the astral plane, sucking on people’s energy and often attached to the spine between the shoulder blades or on the front side attached to the area around the heart.

They suck too, so to speak, but are not that difficult to get rid of. You can just pull them off and blow on them and they evaporate. The person you’re healing or dealing with, will often have a very sudden emotional reaction if you can do that, either of sudden anger, sadness, or extreme relief.

The spiders here are outside the person. The nasty thing about the spiders in the eyes is that they are inside the physical body (eye) and that makes it a bit harder to deal with.

The outside spiders feed on your physical energy.

The inside spiders feed on your emotional energy and in my experience, they can only be removed if the person who hosts them changes dramatically because they are that person’s own manifestation.

The spiders are a product of their inner life, which is hollow, jealous, guilt endorsing, and their main strategy is to belittle you so they can take power over you. They are very close to sociopaths and they confuse sentimentality with love, and they confuse “personal” with collective. They see every being in your circle as a threat to them and they will start to sabotage the people you hold close to your heart. That is also the strategy of sociopaths, who will try to isolate you from friends and family until they can control you.

The Spider Eyed People are a bit nastier than that, in a world where we could fear getting sucked in by a sociopath as the worse thing. It’s not. The Spider Eyed People are more devastating than that.

The best solution, if you have one in your surroundings or you spot one who approaches you, is to go as cold as ice and disengage ASAP. And here´s the hook: They will make you feel so guilty by doing that – that you will start to second guess your observation: DON’T!

That is the crack they are looking for.

My approach is: It’s better to make a mistake in observation than to second guess one self and if you´re wrong, well you’re wrong, but you did it in order to protect yourself. Better luck in the next life.

Here are some traits that The Spider Eyed People have:

– If you spot the spiders in their eyes, it’s a sure sign – there’s no need for further proof. Spider Eyes.

If you disengage—and they can feel that— they will use emotional manipulative super glue in order to keep you targeted. Go cold, consciously cold, and do not care. You are not their emotions. You are not responsible for their feeling of being ignored. Ignore.

If this is not obvious, and it often isn’t since the spiders often appear when they lose composure, like we know from the shape shifting reptilians, here are some other traits:

– They spin their web for you to get stuck in.

As mentioned, they will make a case of every healthy emotion in you. In other words: They will try to degrade you emotionally by, and this is important, setting themselves up as victims by telling you that you’ve crossed their boundaries and you make them feel sad, a lesser person, abused, even by little innocent castaway remarks you can formulate, by inducing you with guilt, guilt, and guilt over your sayings or doings.

They are victims – they are victims of your sayings and doings (and you intended no harm) and you should treat them this way. Are you in a romantic relationship with one, well…? You will find your emotional spine slowly morphing into a stick of overcooked spaghetti.

And they will say, “I am just telling you this for your own good, you insensitive female/male bastard.” Yup, it’s toxic.

– They do not respect your boundaries.

If you are in a relationship with one, they can text you 42 times at work and when you come home, they will make a big case out of you not loving them, caring about them, and ignoring them even though we know—they don’t— that you were at work and didn’t have time to answer. Or maybe you found the time to answer one to two messages. They will still blast you for the lack of response. Obviously, the agenda here is to control you, but their more wicked agenda is for you to lose your job, since it supports their narrative of you being a loser.

I could say the same thing about you being out with friends and the same things would happen – they don’t want you to have any.

– They will try to undermine and destroy anything but themselves.

They are like unsecure little toddlers – but that statement isn’t fair to unsecure little toddlers, since they have the right to be that way. The Spider Eyed People are grown-ups, and if you use that argument, “Listen, are you actually an adult?” they usually lose their composure and the spiders start appearing. Not a pleasant sight, but now you know and the advice is: Run and turn ice age, new email, new sim card, shut down social media – the hunt is on.

They lost, and as a sociopath, that’s their ultimate loss/exposure. Revenge at any cost is now on their agenda.

When they hit the character assassination of you by targeting your work colleagues, friends, your spiritual circles, be very aware of your self-defense. They are masters at this game. I don’t like that word but they see it as such – try to play “tennis,” which means: Return the attack with the same strength as your opponent. That will wear them out, sometimes.

What will wear them out is if you can say, “Well, come what may, by the end of this, I haven’t degraded myself into your scheme of things.”

The second agenda for their war on you is exactly this and has been from the start – to bring your emotional ethics down. They can’t stand emotional ethics and emotional strong points – they see themselves as the only thing in your world that should fill that space.

You step into their field if you become degrading and nasty. You don’t if you can pull up the emotional chill, which in a nicer word is detachment, but it’s a swamp and normal spiritual doings and conflict solving is stepping into their web. Again.

They get energy from your misfortune. Do not give them that. Ghost them, ignore them, go as cold as an industrial freezer at a seafood factory.

Watch out for not being the little fly they see you as being caught up in their web again. It ain’t pretty – but at least we get smarter and once we have dealt with one, we become quite aware and know what to do next time.

This is the stuff emotional hurt is made of.

In the field and under the influence of a Spider Eyed Person’s spell, you actually have to hurt them by not buying all their toxic stuff and they will call you a cold, cold psychopath.

No, absolutely no, peace, love, and understanding here.

It feeds them. Starve them out.

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