The Spiritual Gift of Theatre

June 21, 2020

The spiritual path, if treaded properly, to express it as simply as possible, is the journey from the unconscious to the conscious. From a very young age, we learn by emulating our elders, our social circle, we learn to wear masks or play roles, and as life goes on, this practice carries on unconsciously. This process becomes mechanical.

We become fragmented, unaware of how our personality changes every second, and these different personalities are completely detached and unaware of each other’s existence.

Learning to recognize these masks exist, and slowly taking them off is a deeply unpleasant process, because we are peeling layers of self-deception within ourselves and those imprinted by society.

I personally went through a lengthy detox from my social circle and the media, to exclusively study myself, and over time you get a sense of how much our environment and the media controls different aspects of our personality. It is easy now for me to tell what conditioning the person is under the influence of, because I went through the process of consciously recognising these imprints in myself.

I am selective now of what I expose myself to, because one gets hyper sensitive to the fear and hate constantly projected through our environment, and learning not to identify emotionally with it is a challenging task.

Theatre has been an important big part of every culture since time immemorial. We see this in all indigenous cultures and their relationship to dance, music and the arts, and how the myths and history of their tribes are encoded in these practices.

Most wisdom traditions include drama and the arts as a fundamental part of their curriculum, because they are a potent tool in studying the mystery of Self and the laws of creation. We see the use of actual masks in the theatres of Ancient Greek, Roman and Mesoamerican cultures, to name few.

Our contemporary art forms, by and large, have become channels of propaganda and mind control, but, they still have a very special gift to offer to those who know what to look for. It is still an effective tool to study archetypes and our peculiar psyche.

If we see life as a play, we have much to learn from theatre and actors, who consciously play roles. It is a powerful survival mechanism in the matrix actually, if you intend to come out, more or less, unscathed. We are surrounded by so many fragmented mindsets, that by consciously learning how to play roles, we can teach ourselves to meet people where they are, and present ourselves accordingly, in order not be in the line of fire.

I am a great fan of the Netflix show, Better Call Saul. For me, the characters of Saul and Mike, are especially intriguing. I recently finished watching season 5, where Saul finally gets comfortable with doing what he is best at, now that he no longer under the spell of his highly critical and arrogant brother Chuck, who plays the Saturnian/Chronos archetype exceptionally well. We all have people like Chuck in our lives.

With Chuck out of the picture, we see Saul’s creative potential at its best, the love of his life Kim by his side, they are a powerhouse, bringing out the best in each other. His finest skill is the ability to reinvent himself following the professional setbacks he constantly suffers.

We also see that the emotional side of his character is not well developed. Despite his creative genius, he mostly functions from a reactionary state. He is ruled by his emotions. Following a cartel shoot-out in the desert, Saul is seen suffering from PTSD, which literally wipes out his creativity and confidence.

Mike, on the other hand, is rock solid. He is the unsung hero, in my opinion, in the spiritual development context, because he has successfully mastered the alchemical transformation of using his emotions wisely. This translates as him being exceptional at everything he does. He knows his masks and how to wear them. He has learned to act rather than react.

The mastery of his technique is expressed beautifully in the scene following the desert shootout, where Saul, completely broken, asks Mike how long the suffering will last. He simply replies, as long as you want it to. Saul then asks how long it took Mike to pull himself out and Mike says, when he decided to learn to play the cards he was dealt.

The fact that we are here on Earth, by default means we are, in one way or another, wounded. And yet, we rarely have role models in our life who can teach us how to acknowledge or transform our wound. Learning to act, rather than react is a powerful survival skill in the matrix. There are very few people in this world who can consciously wear masks and act.

Life will always throw curve balls at you if you only know how to play the victim. After a while, it gets boring. Even in theatre, no hero is a victim, yet in real life, the overwhelming majority of us allow this woundedness to shape our reality. It’s a pattern we acquire from our parents and our society. This wounding is so deep, that all our creative potential is wasted on feeding the pain within and blaming those who inflicted it. We constantly live in a reactionary state.

We are almost never taught, no matter what our individual circumstances, we have to learn to play the cards we are dealt. And we are the only ones who can do that for ourselves.

The study of our emotions is a very critical and unpleasant part of this process. With every veil of negative emotion we lift, we find a ghastly wound and parasitic entities sourcing its nourishment from it.

One of the ways of dealing with this is asking yourself, are you your wound or the parasitic infestations that feed off of it? If you can say no, then and only then, can you consciously start playing the cards you are dealt.

The wounding is a gift only for those who have the courage to seek the alchemical transformation, and it usually comes when one almost reaches a breaking point, and the pain and suffering is unbearable. It’s a do or die moment.

The key to dealing with the wound is clearing off the parasitic infestations created by negative emotions. We have to learn to see the wound for what it is, which, when cleaned up, is nothing more than a gash in our energetic body.

The Toltec approach, which sounds very new-age and cliché is to feed it love. We have to learn to own and cherish our wound and not conceal or deny it exists. What lies in and under the wound is the beautiful mystery. This will only make sense when we put it into practice.

The study of the character of Mike is helpful in this process. We see his brokenness and woundedness after the loss of his son and his worries over the financial welfare of his granddaughter. As a result, he struggles with alcoholism (feeding the parasite). These are the cards he was dealt and through his wound he transforms his life purpose to focus on his family and ensure their financial stability.

The acknowledgement of his wound and not feeding it negativity, allows the gift of the wound to shine. We cannot heal our wound, only keep it clean of infections. The wound, under the right conditions has the consciousness to heal itself.

It is only when we can learn to detach emotionally from our wound, can we see it’s gift and learn to make productive use of our emotional and mental faculties. We get better at using our attention wisely and focus on the task at hand. Over time, we learn to develop higher emotions. This is when we can consciously and effectively start wearing masks to play the cards we are dealt. We learn to act.

Mike, by acknowledging his wound, allowed it to teach him to rise above the matrix veil of negative emotions, and then we him rising to higher emotions, where his instincts and intuition are what allow him see and anticipate what no one else can.

He has cultivated exceptional powers of observation, physical strength despite his age, and is a pillar of emotional strength for those falling apart around him. His higher emotions allow him to effortlessly and consciously play the roles of the loving grandfather, effective manager of cartel business and a stone cold killer. He is just flat out cool.

Despite all the negativity and propaganda the media projects, if we have the ability to discern, we can certainly learn to make use of its gift in our own self development process. It is a very good tool to study aspects of the psyche, essence and vibration of a person or an archetype that we want to consciously develop in ourselves.

© Lala Rukh 2020 

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