The Sun – Feeling Tired – Overhyped?

July 21, 2021

I have often written about and latest talked about this in Audios what I refer to as ‘Sunsick’.
There is also a theme in the mails I get that people feel either tired as the prettiest girl in a 5 dollar Mexican brothel or extremely hyper active. The latter usually collapses, since these two states shift from day to day currently.
It is not you – it’s the Sun.

The expiation is not that complicated since we have an electromagnetic field and the internal communication, we have inside is based on the nervous systems electromagnetic pulses to the brain. Our cells in every part of our bodies functions the same way.

If we add the fact that our electromagnetic field (Aura) is somehow weakened due to wifi and electromagnetic disturbances from the machines we communicate with, computers, cell phones etc… combined with WIFI, radio towers tec., there we have it.

Simple advice if you have it so:

Eat ‘heavy’ foods and sleep as much as you can.

Meat, French Fries, Rice, Beans, Strawberries etc. as a thumb rule:
Everything that grows at a ground level or beneath.
If you can, bake it in the oven.

Food that grow from shoulder hight and upwards to be picked: Avoid until this is over.

Avoid Alcohol, even a small amount seems to make people dizzy.

The idea is to divert the frustrated energy to the digestion and keep it occupied there.

Oatmeal, with some honey in it, is very good before sleeping. Avoid cinnamon, since it stimulates the brain.
Also, 1 – 2 baked potatoes before bedtime should give you the rest that you need.

All the best
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The Sun Sends a Wake-Up Call


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