The Sun Sends a Wake-Up Call

July 21, 2021

Two powerful solar events erupted from the Sun over the past couple of days. While they both missed Earth, ‘we are very lucky they did,’ Ben Davidson of the Suspicious Observers said in the video.

The solar maximum is building now, and Earth’s magnetic field continues weakening.

It’s never too late to start preparing.

Could we have a new named storm system next week? Models still pull for some sort of development. The question is when, where and how strong. Robert Speta of the WestPacWx explains in the new video.

Severe windstorm hits Gambia’s capital Banjul

Tropical Wave brings heavy rainfall to the Philippines.

1 million people affected by floods, 63 000 evacuated in Jiangxi Province, China

More than 500 homes destroyed, 38 people killed and 24 missing in floods and landslides across Nepal

Huge swathes of farmland destroyed by hailstorms, Europe

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Deadly floods hit central China, killing 12 and forcing thousands to flee homes

‘Everything is on fire’: Siberia hit by unprecedented burning

‘Airpocalypse’ hits Siberian city as heatwave sparks forest fires

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The Sun – Feeling Tired – Overhyped?


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