The Taurids Meteor Shower Sends Fireballs Streaking Across the Sky this Week

November 7, 2019

This week is a good time to view the Taurids before the full Beaver Moon outshines them on November 11.

To spot the fireballs, find a dark spot with a clear view of the sky, ideally far from city lights. Once the moon sets, a little after midnight, the show begins. Look to the Taurus constellation — that’s the area of sky where the shooting stars appear to originate (hence the meteor shower’s name).

The Taurids run on a 10-year cycle, and they made a big appearance in 2015. So this year won’t be quite that spectacular, but there’s still a good chance of fireballs.

After the Taurids, the next meteor shower to look for will be the Leonids, which peak on the night of November 16.

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