The Time for a Massive Anti-War Movement Is Now

April 10, 2018

“Fortunately for the UK government, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad decided to do something completely suicidal and entirely against his best interests in the immediate aftermath of the Skripal narrative falling apart. How incredibly convenient for those itching to get a war with Iran and Russia going.”

If you’re genuinely against U.S. wars for profit, power and empire the current moment represents our best opportunity to push back aggressively and launch a real grassroots anti-war movement. The entrenched forces who’ll stop at nothing to get their war with Iran and Russia going seem to believe that time’s running out. As such, they’re resorting to increasingly comical and preposterous interpretations of “events” to get their conflagration going.

The war sales-pitch has become increasingly desperate and nonsensical, which provides us with a window of opportunity to push back.

It’s hard to keep track of the timeline of events these days, but it was just last week that the British foreign office was caught deleting a tweet in which it had falsely claimed it confirmed the nerve agent used in the Skripal poisoning had been produced in Russia.

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