The Toll of Covid on U.K Teenagers’ Mental Health is Revealed

March 3, 2021

Let’s get one thing straight Main Stream Media:
It’s not the Covid. It is the Political Reaction to it.

Teenagers and young adults have had their mental health battered by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a vast study of medical records and insurance claims nationwide.

FAIR, a nonprofit organization which describes itself as being ‘dedicated to bringing transparency to healthcare costs and health insurance information’, released the findings of their report into mental health on Tuesday.

They studied 32 billion private healthcare claim records, looking at the 13-18 age range and 19-22, and tracking month-by-month changes from January to November 2020, compared to the same months in 2019.

In March and April 2020, the number of insurance claims for mental health issues among young people aged 13-18, as a percentage of all medical claim lines, approximately doubled compared to the previous year.

In the same age range, claims related to overdoses increased 119.31 per cent in April 2020, versus April 2019.

‘Infection-related fears, bereavement, economic instability and social isolation have triggered and exacerbated mental health issues,’ they wrote in their white paper.

‘Young people have proven especially vulnerable to mental health issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘School closures, having to learn remotely and isolating from friends due to social distancing have been sources of stress and loneliness.

‘A review of the international literature identified high rates of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic symptoms among children during the pandemic.’

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