The Unadulterated Joy of Movement

May 25, 2021

We are more than just the dense physical body; we are energetic beings vibrating at different frequencies in a universe of pulsating, vibrating energetic matter. What is this energy? It is our life force that flows through us all that the Chinese called Ch’i and the Indians called Prana. 

We can feel it in the energy pathways that run through us called Meridians, the energy systems in our bodies called Chakras and in the energy fields that extend beyond our physical bodies, called Auras.

When you begin to grasp the concept of energy, you can begin to understand how we can curate this energy through the power of movement. When we move in a certain way, with intention, we open up our energetic channels to allow this vital life force to flow through us in the most beneficial way.

When we don’t move our bodies our energy flow becomes blocked and stagnant. Like stale water that attracts mosquitoes, we can easily become sluggish, tired and drained of our life force.

On a very physical level, energy and lymph flow are directly connected. We have twice as much lymph as blood, yet we have no heart to pump this crucial element around our bodies. Movement is vital to encourage lymph to flow, feeding and cleaning on a cellular level, and allowing the channels in the body to release any blocks impeding the flow. 

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