The Vertical Axis

April 25, 2017

Got a mail:

Hi there Soren, I came across this today – the Mayan description of the recovery of the vertical axis – much as you describe it.

The Vertical Axis

“Our modern day astrophysicists and astronomers, with all their sophisticated scientific instruments, are not the only humans that have wondered what may exist at the center of our galaxy. The superb astronomers and mathematicians of the ancient Mayan civilization, also pondered this question.

The Mayans knew where in the sky the exact center of the galaxy was located and they even had a glyph representing it which is now named Hunab Ku ; it was known to the Mayans as The Galactic Butterfly. Their entire cosmology and extremely accurate calendars were based on the existence and location of Hunab Ku and they deeply believed that the future of mankind ultimately depends on what occurs there.” — John Ennis

Hunab Ku was, to the Mayans, the supreme God and ultimate Creator and was located in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. It represented the gateway to other galaxies beyond our Sun as well as all of the consciousness that has ever existed in this, our own galaxy. Hunab Ku, according to the Mayans, is also the consciousness which organized all matter from a whirling disk – into stars, planets and solar systems. Hunab Ku is the Mother Womb which is constantly giving birth to new stars and it gave birth to our own Sun and planet Earth as well as the other planets found in our solar system. They also believed that the ultimate Creator directs everything that happens in our galaxy from its center through the emanation of periodic energy bursts of consciousness.

“We are on the brink of making the quantum leap to the conquest of another dimension by obliterating our fixity in time. And then we will migrate into the future. Each into our own future. And then human history is looked back on as a nightmare awakened from, a brutal but necessary interval to being happily kissed goodbye.”

The ancient Maya spoke about the Zuvuya—the loop of linear time that lies horizontally like a flat figure eight, the crossover point being within the life-force center of the human body and soul.

The life-force center is a ball of white light about the size of a grapefruit. It has for eons, during the cycles of the Fall of the Gods and Goddesses, been located behind the belly button. In May, 2007 it moved up to the human heart center as part of the cosmic ascension process. This was also indicative of life becoming more heart or love-centered, than will or logic-based.

When the Zuvuya lies horizontally as depicted in ancient Mayan texts, the body is subject to disease and eventual death. When a child at birth enters into human form and is destined, according to their earthly contract, to reach maturity, their Zuvuya starts out as being vertical—the crossover point still in the life-force center.  An Immortal or Ascended Master’s Zuvuya is in the same position as that of the newborn child’s.

Why then does the ZUVUYA tilt and become horizontal, a position that eventually spills out the life force until the body can no longer sustain life? It tilts for the same reason a planetary axis would: opposition to life and the consequent attempt to control it. In the broadest possible definition, this is also the definition of black magic: that which attempts to enforce its personal will on another human being or the environment. When black magic is practiced on a planet, the axis tilts. When an individual preforms black magic or uses their will to go against the natural flow of others or events and tries to control predestined outcomes, their Zuvuya tilts toward the horizon and they loose their vital life force energy.

The minute we oppose life and its natural flow, thoughts arise, and thought immediately removes us from the true reality of the Eternal Now into the illusion of linear time, time as money. This tilts the vertical Zuvuya; the place of mastery, and forms the horizontal loop of linear time.

The answer to eternal life therefore is, and has always been: “I cease to oppose the natural flow of life.”

“From the Mayan point of view, intuition is the activity of the memory hotline, Zuvuya. This is the voice of your intuition, your higher self, your higher power.”

Zuvuya is the Mayan term for the big memory circuit… the memory hotline. It works individually and collectively. Most importantly, it connects equally to the future as well as the past. Why? Because the Zuvuya is the interdimensional thread. And we are all interdimensional.

The Zuvuya is the wave, and to surf this wave is to be at the dynamic crest that interfaces our 3rd-dimensional physical reality with the reality of the 4th-dimension — the dimension of our dream bodies, energy bodies, or light bodies.

The Zuvuya is the circuit of radial, fourth-dimensional time that provides the wave you can ride from wherever you are to whatever point in the fourth-dimensional matrix of galactic time your destiny may draw you. It is a discipline to ride the Zuvuya, but so is surfing. Follow “Uncle Joe’s” amiable but cosmically merciless instructions to Jose Arguelles, and learn for yourself how to keep the “Zen of the clean wave form.” If you do it right, you’ll be able to surf “the big One,” the one that is coming in right now!

The author casts an experiential dialogue between himself and his higher self—his “dimensional double”—Uncle Joe Zuvuya. Joe is a “jive-talking cosmic trickster, a tongue-in-cheek dimensional surfer” who instructs the author in galactic beams, Maya etheric engineering, Arcturian space stations, Atlantian family histories, and the Zen of the Clean Wave Form!

The following excerpt from Dr. Jose Arguelles’ Mayan Factor explain through the model of Double Helix Pattern/Loom of Maya with 64-unit Crossover Polarity Zone of Tzolkin, the galactic interdimensional constant, that Zuvuya is the two-way flow circuit, the coming from and returning to Hunab Ku, the galactic core, which enables galactic humans to become Surfers of the Zuvuya.

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