The World’s Ancient Abandoned Civilisations

July 13, 2018

The fascinating stories behind over 90 lost worlds have been revealed in a new book laced with incredible pictures.

Abandoned Civilisations by author Kieron Connolly reveals how vast societies can rise and fall, leaving behind ruined cities and towns that have been reclaimed by nature.

Delve inside this tome and you’ll find citadels overgrown by jungle, statues lying half-hidden in the sand and gigantic bizarre sculptures carved into rock faces, all left behind after civilisations were abandoned following natural disasters, religious conflict and even shifting patterns of trade.

Mr Connolly explained: ‘Often with the disintegration of ancient societies, the grandiose edifices were looted and nature was free to eradicate all but the most robust structures.

‘Yet, sometimes, nature has proved to be the protector. From Africa to India to Mexico, there are citadels and temples where the jungle or the desert cocooned magnificent structures for hundreds of years, shielding them not just from the elements, but from humankind, too.’

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