They Want That Infection Rate To Spike!

March 9, 2020

as an excuse to lock down their Cities.

This looks like negligence, it is not.

First the scare:

Alarming photos show coronavirus patients hooked up to life support machines inside an Italian quarantine-zone hospital as medics in hazmat suits battle to save their lives

Then this right below:

Passengers arriving back to Britain from the coronavirus-hit north of Italy reveal they were free to leave UK airports with NO health checks.

Problem: Same “inconsequence” in Scandinavian countries on Italiens taking the subway into the Capitals for a week-end stay, without any form of checkups. As we have seen it happen all over the world.

Coincidences: No.
The Agenda: Yes.

Scare people out of their wits – check.
We have to lock cities down! – check
Yup, just take the subway into town coming from a ‘High Contaminated Area?’

Something doesn’t ad up here, think?


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