Wounded Warriors of the Soul

February 2, 2020

When the rules of society go against the knowledge in our souls, we have no choice but to become an outlaw.

There is another choice though: To stand down and do nothing. Override the calling of the soul and thereby the collective suffering and deceit and slip into cold comfort on the account of nothing changes. Because it seems contradictive to Spirituality – it is not.

Some people just don’t have that choice: The souls that arrived very much prior to mainstream awakening.

With the seed of divine justice in their souls and hearts. With the ability, across emotions, to put their finger on the weak spots of the Matrix. Being able to see into more or less any given construct and sensing: Things are not cool here- it’s a trick.

We can call them what we want but no labels will be sufficient.

Truth seekers, keyboard warriors, trail blazing awakeners, spiritual warriors, who give a little more attention to the overall health of this planet and its inhabitants than: 322 ways to use Baking Soda.

It’s a matter of who you are.

It all comes down to you. The final frontier.

The final frontier is the path of no return and it is filled with the wounded warriors of the soul – the strongest warrior of them all. He who knows defeat is like an old fox crossing a lake – when close to the shoreline, he knows not to jump but to proceed without fear but a certain portion of caution, well knowing that the ice could still crack under his feet.

Very similar to the metaphysical concept of ‘The wounded healer’ – which can be explained as: Been there, suffered and moved on. Compare scars?

The vortex of: Talking the talk and taking the walk. Instead of: Talking the talk – and not taking the walk. Too many on that highway of emotional opportunism.

Some people don’t have the choice of conformity.
Some people have to fight to make things right.
Some people have to suffer to understand suffering.
Some people have to let out what the warrior soul in them calls upon them to call out of the bushes of shadow (shallow?) existence.

Not ego trapped anymore, but between a rock and a hard place in order to stay sane, healthy and loving.

Maybe that doesn’t go for us all, the souls have many spices to them.

The warrior soul.
If you have it – you have it – and if you try to block it, it will torment you. I’m talking about the hurt that will emerge, the gap – the void – the pitch god damn all absorbing blackness – that will cover you from head to toe if you hold back on that warrior energy.
You can’t without severe consequences, you might feel that you’re heading for the cuckoo’s nest, since you will disintegrate in any known or unknown psychological and spiritual construct that would determine your sense of leading a meaningful life true to your inner self. Ring a bell?

So something stirs inside and tries for the light.

What could be holding you back, since I know that if you hold the warrior within you down, you will basically just be flushing your ego with discontent on a daily basis. Something isn’t right, ei?

– Fear?

I truly respect that.

But is it fear of external judgment? If so – you’re trapped. Let it go.

Political correctness. Well, it makes no sense trying to be politically correct in a world woven and superglued by the construct of political incorrectness.
The servants have the power – Pulling cheap ragged blankets over our bravest sailors.

© 2020 Soren Dreier

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