‘Tracking Shaming’: In Australia You Are Selffish if You Do Not Install the Corona App

May 7, 2020

Look out Australia, there’s a new breed of delusional idiot in town – the anti-appers, who like anti-vaxxers before them are putting us all at risk.

If there was any doubt those refusing to download the COVIDSafe app are the new anti-vaxxers just listen to their language.

It’s all “I, I, I and me, me, me.”

“I have trust issues with the government,” writes one objector.

“I won’t be coerced into downloading it,” says another.

“I’ll wait until there are reports on battery life impact, thanks,” offers a third, who clearly rates his phone’s battery life over his real life.

Not since the anti-vaccination brigade invoked erroneous science to justify their choice not to immunise have we seen such grandstanding and self-serving nonsense.

Just as the anti-vaxxers compromise public health with their dangerous messaging, so the anti-appers are refusing to download the government’s COVIDSafe tracing app, preventing the sufficient uptake required to make it a success.

For decades now the anti-vaxxers have hysterically claimed that vaccines increase the risk of autism even though the 1997 study linking the two was completely discredited and the surgeon who published the work lost his medical licence.

Yet still they refuse to vaccinate even though the efficacy of immunisation relies on widespread community uptake.

Selfishly, they regard the “me” as more important than the “we”, though fortunately the government has the power to stop their family tax benefit payments if they fail to meet immunisation requirements.

Now anti-appers are hindering public health with their fearmongering claim that their privacy is at risk. Like delusional conspiracy theorists, they appear to believe that the government’s COVIDSafe app is some Big Brother-style super surveillance system.

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Apparently, if you don’t want to install a coronavirus tracking app you’re a bad person

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