Transgender Children – A Disaster in The Making

June 7, 2019

If we know who we are, then we can change who we are. If we don’t know who we are, then we can’t and others will do it for us.
Change is defined by understanding where we have come from and a clear vision of where we are going.

Gender Bending is promoted via mainstream media in abundance. Mainstream media is about mass programming and control. Gender Bending is equally promoted via Big Tech, which is about mass programming and control, and deliberately devaluating the line between privacy and transforming us into a public or business commodity to be sold as targets for advertising.

If you resist those narratives, then you’re a privileged right wing, white male/female fascist.

I read an article in the Guardian last week by a feminist. She concluded, “That is the clearest display of small dick energy I have ever encountered.” Ehh? I don’t know how the male should reply to that in order to stay in tune, something like, “That is the clearest display of crazy-pussy energy I have ever encountered.” Imagine the outroar.

The poles are stirred up; there is no True North, only victimization for the sake of victimization in a public environment where self-awareness is no longer something you should see as an important quality and a key in unlocking your true potential by the understanding of yourself, where you’ve come from, or where you are heading.

Somehow, these narratives are targeting kindergarten kids—are targeting kids in school—and everything we know about the process of children’s identification and identity forming is evaporating.

That is very troublesome, to say the very least.

From the day we are born, we start to identify.

We identify what shows in our field as objects: mother, food, father, light, dark, sounds, scents. We do that non-verbally, since we do not have a language yet and the motoric skill to form words. So, we use our body language.
At first, we express it through pleasure or pain, or comfort or discomfort. The primal throat sounds kick in and we either cry or make pleasure sounds, which shows our parents our reaction to what we are presented with. It guides them to do the right thing and understand our needs.

Later, much later, our voice and our ability to talk comes alive and becomes—roughly at the age between 2 – 3 years—our voice still in the making but it’s there.

In cases where it is not there, we start to express concerns as parents and pre-kindergarten teachers start to use the words “under stimulated” or they raise a concern as to whether we are developing correctly.

Our language is an extension of our consciousness. Which means, When we talk, we share our thinking.

The key learning point here is: As small kids, we rely on object recognizing in order to maneuver this reality we are in.

Concepts of object recognizing are imperative, since in our very beginning as human beings we have to rely on the information given to us or to experience it by ourselves.

Every parent knows this as soon as their child extends its perimeter of interaction with its surroundings. That’s where the parent says, “Oh my God, you have to have an eye on each finger!” And they do. The blessing of having a toddler.

We have to teach our child so it doesn’t self-harm.
If we don’t, our child will self-harm and we would soon have our child removed from us due to neglectful parenting.

So, we use: “Hot” as a genuine “watch out” word for: Danger! We use the word: “Cold” – to describe its opposite.

We could argue that it is programming, and it is, but: It is learning about life and safety programming and as such – not a bad thing. It’s a necessary thing.

We could, however, as a result of misguided and evil thinking, since it takes a sociopathic parent to go there, exchange: “Hot” with “Cold” and “Cold” with “Hot’”– but it makes no sense.

Or we could align with mainstream media and just call: “Hot” neutral and “Cold” neutral and you see where I am heading, since it would leave the child with no ability to set its compass right.

We also teach our children to distinguish Mother and Father, Grandfather and Grandmother. We teach them to know the difference between siblings and other kids, we teach them a whole lot, since it falls within the perimeter of parenting and as a very important companion to that we teach them: Language.

On top of that, we form the inner life and consciousness and knowledge that they would need for the next step of their psychological evolution: Language.

Toxic Femininity and Toxic Masculinity can be embedded in a fragile mind in growth here, but that would be so badly misguided and is what is happening, that it will impact that child for life to despise either the expression of masculine and feminine. It often happens if one of the parents needs to self-victimize either by: “Your father left us – you can’t trust men,” or the opposite.

I think we can agree on that both taking the masculine and the feminine as a positive force would be the sensible thing to do. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many now, where the supposed adults are caught up in gender bender political (in)correctness and in order to defend that they blur the lines between bias and development psychology.

Left is a child without a compass.

It is called object-oriented identification and object-oriented identification is exactly: What is this world made of, how do I maneuverer in it. Up and Down are also important to distinguish and things are upside down.

It is a necessary early childhood programming, whether we like the word programming or not, but there is no need to worry about that really as goes for our private sphere, since we all go through challenging the very same programming either to get a mind of our own or to find that the programming we’ve got has little use.

BUT: That doesn’t go for Hot and Cold, Sharp or Blunt, Red or Blue, Bird or Mammal and so on since these basics, as mentioned, give us the safety we need and the knowledge we need as infants.

When I was studying development psychology, a horrific thing came into the collective.

With the fall of Romania’s Ceausescu, the orphanages were opened to the public. Inside were children often up to 14 years old who had no language, who had no programming, lying in their beds with voices and body language like the mentally disabled.

In the beginning, I recall, the Red Cross personnel actually thought that they were mentally disabled. They weren’t. They “just” didn’t have any knowledge, hence any: object-oriented identification and, therefore, they seemed lost to this world.

European caretakers, teachers, and psychologists volunteered to go to Romania and work with these children and many of them were put up for adoption in the West. However, the damage was done and monitoring them up through their timeline, very few made it without any emotional, intellectual damage.

Coming from somehow a healthy parenting environment, we will, as mentioned, break the programming or challenge it when we reach adolescence, and here adequate parenting will allow elbow space for our kids to do that – form their own identity and reality. This is where our role as parents shifts.

We might not like that they break out of all the things we have taught them about this world since it represents us, but we have to let go. This is more or less up to us. A popular statement is: When the kid is past 14 years, we can only enjoy the result of our parenting. Our influence evaporates.

Children see through our programming and it can be hard to swallow. A lot of parenting is in the field of telling our kids not to smoke with a cigarette hanging from our mouths.
Getting real is vital for both parties.

The Gender Bending Issue

Gender is not in any way a decision children can make at an early age. They can start to make a decision based on experience and their own perceptions of being a girl or a boy and hereby being attracted towards the opposite sex, where we maybe need to talk more about the different sex rather than the opposite.

It is a hard thing to embed since we evolve through opposites, like I mentioned with “Hot” and “Cold.”

Even at an early age, our children will test that:

“Oww” coming through the kitchen door from a 3-year-old toddler. We run into the kitchen and say, “What happened?”
“I touched the stove.”
“Told you it was hot.”

The adventurer had to check if our information was valid. It was and trust is built. We can see that on so many levels.

The same adventurous spirit transcends into the question of the sexes mostly during the first crush and experience in the field of teenage love. We are drawn to the opposite still because that is the way we EMBED and become comfortable in our own sex.

We are all grown up women and men here, each with either finding that process easy or somehow difficult, where we can rest and feel safe in our identity as such. Many find it rather late, the mid 30’s is not unusual. And we are in a climate now, where young people, under 25 are struggling, especially the men to find comfort within their natural masculinity because not even that is politically correct.

The comfort with our own masculine or feminine pole shows itself through the many things we encounter up through our childhood. The way we play, the friends we seek out and, in the fact, that the parent we identify with is the same sex parent we have. Dads are dads and moms are moms.

A girl mirrors her mom and a boy mirrors his dad and here it is our finest job to not up an opposite as in:
“Women are lesser beings and men rule this world,” along with,
“Men are lesser beings and women rule this world,” in order for us to integrate our masculine and feminine sides.

As mentioned at the start of this post:

Feminine toxicity is uncalled for and depraving the child to make its own experiences and vice versa.

In both behavior psychology and development psychology it is a must that we cannot make decisions of this magnitude without going through both the process of experience and our learning by doing as infants.

If a boy says before entering adolescence:

“I wish I was a girl,” there is reason to listen. I’ve heard it very often.


“Because girls seem to be more chilled, they don’t have to do sports, and I like their company more than boys.”

“Well, kid, I like them, too. Would you like to join the swim team instead ?”

“Yes, I would.”

What transgender promoting parents hears is a validation of their programming and biases and not so much a result of horizontal identification. Which it is.

Would you ask your 5-9-year-old, “Listen, kid, I’m torn. Should I study for my MBA or quantum physics?”

The kid wouldn’t be able to answer that question but will due to its experience with you (identification) try to find the answer that it knows will suit you the best, since your biases reveal your boxes and children are pleasers by default. And parents who refer to themselves as intellectuals really show a lack of intelligence here and a lack of knowing their child’s horizontal fix points that it extends into an Ego validation of the parents’ choices, like them or not.
So don’t reach for the Pharma hormone therapy just yet or start shopping dresses for the poor boy. Gender is not an app you can swipe on a smart phone! He just likes the opposite sex.

The key point here is among many –do not treat your children as intellectual peers but accept not coloring your children into doctrines of your own misguidedness or lack of diversity. What we really need is:

Children with self-reference, where their self-reference, if allowed, will guide them into making informed LIFE ALTERING decisions based on their own inner life and NOT what they are indoctrinated with but parenting still obsessed by opposites in a world that is hungry for unity.

The unity between Man and Woman is a mind blowing, fascinating evolutionary curve and imbeds all the mysteries of this life. Life is a precious flower and its soil is Love.

The unity between gay couples is exactly the same and we need to respect that if it is not a reality that is forced onto them by the gender bending hype of society.

The reality of both cannot be forced onto them – they will have to find out as they go along and that, ladies and gentlemen, is an informed independent decision that society shouldn’t control or intervene in.

I can think what I want, feel what I want – but it’s up to them and we will have to act very self-aware and out of the love we have for our children.

Live and let live.

This is also where the gender bending children endorsement, heavily hyped, is very sinister.

It wants this bended programming. It forces them and remember, you do not talk quantum physics with a toddler and expect them to intellectually understand Einstein’s equations. They haven’t got the intellectual apparatus to understand it.

The gender bending children endorsement actually also oversees the emotional intelligence of the child, because the gender bending business is not solely an intellectual affair (only based on biases) but also an emotional and physical issue and if we look at it, a lot of boys and girls have natural issues in regards to their bodies because they compare themselves to other boys and girls—one is stronger, one is prettier—so I want to be like that and if I can’t, then I become insecure.

On a spiritual level, it is the Matrix of comparison: “If you compare yourself to others, your misfortune will start.”

So, it’s all about making your kid feel at home in him/herself and with the body he/she has. Parents with disabled children learn this the very hard way.

The sinister plot in all of this is:

Children with very little self-knowledge, no opposites, no True North, will grow up being so easily manipulated by the powers that be. Mainstream Media, Big Tech into thinking and, more importantly, feeling that if it serves the system, no genders, no privacy, and what have we, because if they do not have their own coordinates they are low hanging fruit for the picking of a society who long ago lost its direction.

Bending truth into lies, lies into truth, pitting now women and men against each other with the hysterical voices of the so-called intellectuals, mindlessly enforcing something that they know absolutely nothing about while the product (our kids) of that misguided diversity and political (in)correctness will stand without self awareness and a healthy compass.
People without a healthy compass are easily manipulated into a direction without even questioning it.
With small kids – its a piece of rainbow colored cotton candy. Sticky stuff.

They call it dissolving the programming.

It is: enforcing the programming and this is nasty. High tech transgender programming. Even the labels society uses sounds like a piece of programming code: LBGT+, and what have we.

The mindless, transparent life morphing into the snowflake apocalypse of disoriented humanoids taking the direction of whatever serves the System of Control, which in this case says they don’t want control while controlling their kids into oblivion.

© 2019 Soren Dreier


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