Trump, The Grimm Reaper is Coming for You

October 3, 2019

Please note: Originally posted October 2019

There is, as you know, an impeachment luring over Trump.
And it’s not the first one against a sitting president. It’s interesting to notice Hillary’s schadenfreude. Yes, she should know the drill. But that is not my concern here.

Why is Trump in mortal danger?

Because he spills his guts and he reacts instead of acting. He´s a pawn on the chessboard instead of being the chessboard itself. And that is what he can’t do – he is by default impulsive. He thinks he controls the game, he doesn’t. You cannot control any game if you cannot control yourself.

If the Deep State didn’t see a useful tool in him, he would have been assassinated a long time ago.
The tool they see is one of disruption, dividing and conquering America, and I have never seen an America more divided and more fractured whilst being at the height of its self-embarrassment.

The dagger in the assassination plot is Trump’s ability to: spill it.
He reacts before he thinks. He has crossed the line of spilling State Secrets as a sitting president. And he’s forgiven – sort of.

But the moment he steps down or isn’t reelected, that doesn’t fly anymore.
They, the Deep State, can’t have him spilling insights, protocols, and “the real power of the President” – which in the USA is very narrow.
The presidency is not a life-long position. He´s a person passing through and every president should be well aware of their temp position.

That is a very stealth hidden equation determining the life span of Trump: They can’t have him spilling the beans when he is no longer under their thumb. Lethal stuff, combined with the very fabric of Trump’s personality.

Behind this, and I will not go into diagnosing Trump, is Trump’s lack of self-awareness. He has Ego awareness and that’s okay – you would need a big Ego to drive a business like he did and then actually get elected for President in the USA.
It is The Ego in Chief and not much more, since JFK.

Trump sees himself as a great statesman. 

He openly admires Putin’s ability to be such a statesman, and no matter what we think of Putin, he is a statesman. He acts calmly, intelligently, and he acts instead of reacts. I admire Putin for that too, as a person who can hold the former Russian Empire in a state of Unity and I know very well that Putin hardly is no saint but seen from his perspective, he is trying to and making an effort and I would trust him if push came to shove.

No more than a 100 years ago, the Russian empire was ruled by the Romanoffs. Then, the Communists took over with even more power over people’s lives, violence, and torture up until very recently. Russia is a home for all kinds of religious beliefs, different ethnicities and so on.
Putin is the very glue that keeps the “Empire” together.

This world would be in great danger of dissolving on a massive scale should Putin die. And they have tried.
Putin knows this and he knows chaos would reign should he be eliminated.
That’s the strength of Putin and also the weakness. No clear successor so far.

Trump wanted to be all buddy-buddy with Putin, and as you know: You can’t be a sitting American president and be respectful towards a Russian president, since the Deep State and its Main Stream Media needs a foe.

Trump, rightfully so, didn’t agree.

The other “Head of State” he has expressed admiration for is the Queen of England, whom he praised. Don’t know if he got starstruck or he felt the wind of history and some self-validation when he got to meet with her.

And then there’s North Korea’s Kim.
Trump sees him as a novice he can train and “make a great statesman out of him.” Well…

Trump barely sleeps.
Trump is hooked on aspartame, due to the amounts of Diet Coke he drinks day and night.
Trump is hooked on fast-food.
Fear and comfort food.

Trump is, unfortunately, still a scared little boy  inside, trying to outsource his demons, sad and alone in this world with no one to trust. He inserted Ivanka and Jared as his closest advisors and runs – if it’s even fair to use the word “run”– the White House like a family business. What he doesn’t comprehend is that he is run by Jared, who very well could be his Deep State handler.

Trump is a shaman.
He brings out the shadow in his opponents and he does that because he is not afraid of showing his own shadow, or most likely, he doesn’t know that he has one. Neither do they.

He brings his out by going personal, by showing anger, and his strange love for starting a personal conflict, where there shouldn’t have been one or it should have been avoided.

An example: Robert De Niro thinks and says that Trump is a bully. And then  threatens to beat him up… Well…

Projections fly from Trump and his “haters” like a quadrillion of migrating birds heading south for the winter.

America is pushed into the greatest collective psychological mess it’s ever been in. But that’s not Trump’s fault.

It’s not presidential behavior nor less the behavior of a statesman to use Twitter for the use Trump has put it to.
He should be above that. He should know that his position is beyond that.
By that, Trump shows he has no idea of statesmanship and the dignity (in theory) of the position he holds. He reacts like an overlooked teenager on steroids, filled with teenage angst and trying to micro manage (control) however small beep is said against him.

His tweets shows how he functions (fight or flight) and it shows how he spills the beans and drops the ball, again and again.

It’s sad to see when people are their own worst enemy.

I had hopes in him – since he wasn’t groomed for office and he is no politician (the Senate hive mind), so they are also dealing with something they can’t control, which is good in a way.

The Senate and The Emperor of the USA (the new Rome) is a fabric woven out from the passing of time since the Roman Empire.

What would Caesar have done?
Contrary to common belief, Caesar was never the Emperor of Rome.
Caesar returned to Rome after one of his battles and found Rome in disarray, vastly due to negligence from the Senate who was busy indulging in the pleasures of Ancient Rome while enriching themselves via lobbyists. Much like today.
Caesar gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse.
He gave a speech and said to the senators that he would not punish them, but the price was high. He would then, with the Senate’s approval, be inserted as a dictator for no less than 10 years.

But Trump is no Caesar, even though he crosses the Rubicon almost on a daily basis.
Trump will simply be disposed on the assumption that he will expose what it’s really like to be the president of the USA. Also due to his love of playing the Blame Game and not understanding his own role in it.

“Listen, folks, I had all these great ideas but you know – they wouldn’t let me and I will tell you who the traitors are…” They can’t have that.

Trump is a bigger problem for the Deep State cut loose than kept on a leash.

That’s the reason Trump will suddenly drop to the ground.
It will look like a stroke.

On a spiritual note:

The collective consciousness of America is going asymmetrical.
Brother pitted against brother and the great divide and conquer which is now set in motion.
When 300 million people’s consciences get this distorted, it leaves no small trace.
The distortion can on a level of Quantum Entanglement, as it merges with the consciousness of the land, nature, and so on, put America in harm’s way..

Exciting times, indeed.

The Rubicon that waits ahead, when he is out of office – he cannot cross.
It will be his shallow grave.
His legacy, will not be one of grandeur. But yet, very few of them are.

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