UK Health Chiefs To Reveal Covid Vaccines Made by Pfizer and Moderna Are linked to an Extremely Rare Form of Heart Damage

June 26, 2021

British health chiefs could soon issue a warning that Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid jabs are linked to heart issues in extremely rare cases, experts believe.

Fears about the two jabs causing myocarditis have grown in recent weeks, following a string of cases in young adults and children in Israel and the US.

American regulators have already accepted there is a ‘likely link’ between the heart condition and the vaccines, and will add warnings about the potential complication on information sheets given to the public.

Israel’s Health Ministry has said the Pfizer vaccine, the only jab it is using in its rollout, is the ‘probable’ cause in a tiny number of cases.

Last week the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which polices the safety of drugs in the UK, said rates of myocarditis among vaccinated adults were ‘similar or below’ expected levels.

But last night, MailOnline can reveal the watchdog dropped all mention of how often the complication was occurring. Instead, it just updated its weekly summary to say cases were ‘very rare’ and ‘typically mild’.

One cardiologist said he believed it the change in tone may signal that the body was going to accept a link between the two vaccines and myocarditis.

Other experts warned it further complicated the debate about vaccinating children in Britain.

The Government wants to start vaccinating children in August before they return to school in September, Whitehall insiders have said.

With AstraZeneca’s vaccine likely to be off the cards because of its rare links to blood clots in younger adults and similar fears about Johnson & Johnson’s alternative jab, children could well be offered Pfizer and Moderna jabs.

When asked by MailOnline why the wording on the complication had changed, an MHRA spokesperson said: ‘We are closely monitoring all reports of myocarditis and pericarditis following Covid vaccination in the UK and internationally.

‘These reports are very rare, and most of the cases outlined in our weekly report have been mild, with those affected typically recovering quickly following simple treatment and rest.

‘As stated in the text you have highlighted from the report, we are still encouraging people to come forward for their first and second vaccination when invited to do so, unless advised otherwise.’

MHRA’s most up-to-date figures show 53 reports of myocarditis were spotted in Pfizer vaccine recipients by June 16.

There has also been 33 instances of pericarditis – a similar condition that affects the protective layer around the heart.

Last week’s vaccination surveillance report said there had been 39 cases of myocarditis and 27 of pericarditis in Britons given the US firm’s jab.

The MHRA said at the time: ‘The number of cases of myo- and peri-carditis reported with the vaccines in the UK remains similar or below the expected background rate in different age groups within the general population and does not currently indicate an increased risk following vaccination against Covid.’

The MHRA added: ‘It is important that anyone who experiences new onset of symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath or feelings of having a fast-beating, fluttering, or pounding heart seeks medical attention.’

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