May 10, 2021

I see the term ‘unapologetic’ more and more used against people who doesn’t think they owe an apology for whatever the cult of free roaming System of Fear’s Subhuman Hordes of self-Victimization celebrate as trophies in their new religion of offendenness.

Don’t fall for it and do not give in.

Remember who you are – they want you to forget.
If you lose yourself your courage soon will follow.

Just ask yourself: What is it really that they want me to apologize for?
Is that in sync with my Inner Core – My Authentic Self?
If yes – apply the middle finger in upright position and walk away and let the little boys and girls suffocate in their self-righteousness, remembering the difference between being righteous and self-righteousness.

For some it’s a gap that takes a lifetime to bridge. For some even longer…

©2021 Soren DreierServices


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