Virgin Mary Weeps in a Chicago Church

September 13, 2019

According to a worker from a Greek Orthodox church in the US northeast, tears started rolling from the eyes of the Godmother on one of the icons there on Sunday. The reports of the miracle came at the time when the church faces foreclosure over a debt.

Parishioners from the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago’s Northwest Side have reported witnessing one of icons there depicting the Virgin Mary “crying”.

The church’s pastor, Nicholas Jonas, has shared a photo of the Virgin Mary painting with traces of a liquid running down from her eyes on Facebook, saying “Our Icon of the Panagia is weeping!”

According to an unnamed church worker, cited by NBC 5, the crying began on Sunday, with the faithful subsequently flocking there. What some described as a miracle came ahead of a looming shutdown of the church over its debts. The house of worship, which is some $8 million in debt, has a bankruptcy hearing this week. Over the past year it has been fighting to keep the church building. But while a generous donation saved it from being sold in 2018, this year, the church is struggling to raise the necessary $250,000 on a GoFundMe page that was launched last December, CBS Chicago reports.

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