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March 2, 2020

The Golden Bridge is a real place in the metaphysical heart.
We often forget, when we talk about being in the heart, that the Heart is not a ‘fixed’ destination.

We enter the realms of the heart and as we journey our way through it, we touch upon a kaleidoscope of different realms with different qualities. Many tests are to be taken, many inside battles to be fought still.

One of the challenges we will encounter is passing The Golden Bridge: It does not cross a gap. The Bridge is nothing but softness, forgiveness of ourselves, and the ability to carry on when we fall. Defeat is not an option here, only the pure and crystal clear knowing that: In order to master it, we have to practice.

For some it takes a lifetime to cross, for others it is a bit easier. We might have continued this journey on the account of prior lives passed by.

The Golden Bridge is beyond the Bridge of Forgiveness of others. And yet, still there would be reminiscences of that.
The dynamic of forgiveness is: Stop blaming others, and you won’t have to forgive.
That is obviously also stepping out of victimhood.

These bridges are also a landmark as to leaving the System Of Fear and getting free of its programming. It is the vortex, the fork in the road for each soul stepping out of the emotional programming that we are so obviously or subtly exposed too. This is where you decide to plug into emotions, both your own and the emotional expectations and thereby control of others. The idea is to cause you to feel insecure, lesser of a being, low hanging fruit for the power ghouls to feed on.

Only when we step out of emotion are we in our own mind and not the mind of others.
When we pass these realms we are free to pick up any emotion we would like, to reclaim it and let it out. It is the Heart of the Warrior, Social Indignation, for the people and circumstances that you feel are right for you to interact with on a higher emotional level than you have ever done before.

What we have learned, by crossing these bridges, is that we are in charge, wedid not get colder inside – we got genuinely warm – we are now in a situation where you are the master of your emotions.

It is called Intelligent Love.

Not by the framework in the brain, no, no. But the sacred intelligence of the heart.

Dear fellow traveler – you are indeed on the way home.

Walking The Golden Bridge, we have to go deeper now, each thing we cast away comes with a hint of sorrow, a hint of leaving, a hint of longing back, yes I said that, since life for a lot seemed easier when it could be lived in Willful Ignorance, and the pain of: The Pathway from Which There is no Return.
We become very aware of that and still we cross with the Pulse of The Warriors Heart.

Happy Walking, since that is where it leads: Happy for no reason as you pass, happy even in tears.

Happy beyond reason is our true destination.

©2020 Soren Dreier

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