‘Watership Down’

January 11, 2020

During the holidays, I watched Watership Down, a survival and adventure Story based on the novel by Richard Adams.

It’s a story about human longing for peace, friendships, and a society based on humane conditions guided through intuition, compassion, visions and love. Without getting sticky. Men and women holding on to their core of the masculine and the feminine as equals.

In the mix is a self-serving, rambunctious seagull with an injured wing that the rabbits help, and he´s quite funny and turns out to be of great use.

It´s spiritual warriorhood and the strategy they use in some scenes, especially luring a dog into battle, is very intelligent and cunning.

The characters go through much torment during their journey and visits or are forced into different manifestations of society. In particular, one driven by religion with all its boxes and one very much resembling the authoritarian states of today, aka what much of the West has grown into. This story revealing different dynamics of oppression.

The book was written in 1972.

I won’t give out any spoilers, but it can be seen on so many levels, and that’s the beauty of replacing humans with rabbits

We can see it as we like, and decide which society we would be comfortable with, well knowing that today most of us live in both, driven by repressive religion and plain authoritarianism.

Whether it will illuminate us to see what role we are given and to break free, well, it’s in the eye of the beholder and the perception and consciousness behind it.


Watership Down is produced by BBC and is on Netflix.

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