We are Our Own Sacred Alter

June 17, 2019

Each and every one of us is a divine and sacred altar. Each and every one of us is sacred to our core. We carry this potentiality within our beings, our bodies, our lives, our words and our actions.

The divine is the very fabric of our beings, it is the warp and the weft, and the very threads that we are woven from. In each and every moment we weave ourselves into form from the very ground of being itself. And in each and every moment we undo ourselves and return to the ground of being. We wear the infinite  in the form of our bodies and our clothing, just as the infinite wears us as its body, and its clothing.

We are the divine coming into expression, flowering into these stunningly beautiful creatures that we see reflected when we look into the mirror. We are the mystery at its deepest and most profound depths coming into expression in the form of the divine Human Being.

When we open our hearts and minds and spirits to the great mystery we find that which has eluded us for so long, a gift beyond all measure of value.

We are in possession of the most prized element to be found across all times and all dimensions. We carry within us a spark of pure, pure light – and it is this spark that animates us, and in turn is animated by us. It may seem that we have become separated from our divine and sacred selves, but we really haven’t. It is impossible for us to become separated from that which we really and truly are.

We are coming into expression in such an incredibly beautiful way, in the form of the Human being. Every atom, cell and molecule of our bodies is a sacred altar to the divine. Everything that is, is an exquisitely beautiful expression of divinity coming into expression.

We stand upon this magnificent altar. We stand here as the altar. We are both the witness and that which is witnessed. As the shivers of our self-realisation run through us; and our hearts open to the glowing abyss that contains all, gives all, provides all, and in turn takes all – then and only then do we see ourselves for what we really are – reflections on the face of the infinite waters.

It is in this moment of existential self knowing and self expression that we see that we are infinite beings born of the infinite itself. The circle is complete. Yet remains open.

Our tears flow, we weep in sorrow, in grief and in ecstasy at what we have done. We have split the infinite waters and birthed ourselves – only to be held in the embrace of the divine itself. We are so loved – and how could it be any other way? We are love itself. A love so immense that it birthed us,  and enabled us to birth ourselves. 

It is from this altar that we have been formed, and from which we master the four directions around us, as well as the above and the below. We may choose to take flight from this sacred epicentre, and it is from here that we may explore and create within the physicality that lies all around us in the form of the four directions.

We may choose to ascend and explore and create in the spiritual realms of light – especially in the fractal and vibrational dimensions that inform our physicality. We may also choose to immerse ourselves in and explore the subterranean depths of the very ground of being itself – the void which is the fertile soil within and upon which all that is, comes into expression and ultimately into physical form. 

As we move into mastery of our own being-ness we master the very elemental structures of existence itself, and in our futures we will create new and hitherto unknown dimensions and patterns of expression, which we will allow ourselves to fall into and embrace, and in turn be embraced by. This is what we do, until we choose not to. 

All of this seems too much, too impossible, a deluded fantasy – yet it is the divine imagination that will lead us into this joyful and wondrous journey of self discovery and self expression.

We will soon see that it is this very process of self imagining and self expression that is at the very centre of our transmutation. It is an act of artistry and intent performed by true artists of spirit.

We are those artists of spirit. We are much loved.

© 2019 Murray Hill
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