We Are the Miracle

May 6, 2019

A kind soul sent me a mail yesterday and wanted to thank me for this little story.
So I thought – I would post it once again, since I haven’t kept it on this site.

We Are the Miracle (2013)

Some days ago I posted: “Mother Brings Baby Back to Life With Two Hours Of Loving Cuddles”. It went pretty viral with 25.000 views. It’s a heart opening positive story.
The story got me wondering about the concept we seem to put to it – a Miracle, Divine Intervention and so on and thereby, distancing ourselves from the Celestial blueprint and power that we come here with.
So slowly but efficiently diluted by our left brain society.

Has our long-term conditioning to the health system really taken the matrix mindset to the point where a new born baby, who beats the cold steel garbage disposal can in a maternity ward, is living proof of a miracle by the intervention of LOVE?
To the same system, love being such a distant illusive thing, apparently.
The response could be: `That’s what Love can do! That is why we want it and that is why we need it.’

Society has lured us away from the wisdom we all have within us.

The parents plugged in to the basic powers (of Love) we all have.

Which are both very earthly and celestial. The mother remembered where she came from and plugged into the collective field of Ancient knowledge.

She plugged into the power of her soul and radiated it out.

She plugged into her intuitive knowledge.

She plugged into the ancient traditions of mothers giving birth before her.

She plugged into her basic motherly instincts.

She focused her attention and healing kicked in.

Something in her: ‘Just knew’ and she acted on it.

And showed us again beyond any cliché that Love is the ultimate healer even with a fragile hibernating newly born with a soul ready to go back where it came from or to express itself through a lived life.

What she did is not a miracle. It is our basic power.

But somewhere both we and the media tend to go to those words for describing something so called extraordinary in our amnesia-driven adapting to the Matrix and its narrative of loving intervention equals subjectivity and therefore not to be taken into account.

When we use the powers we have, which are celestial — because we are celestial beings, soft, tender, and loving — we can truly plug in.

We being the miracle. Never forget that.

© 2013/19 Soren Dreier

Van Morrison: A Sense of Wonder

We were shining our light into the days of blooming wonder
In the eternal presence, in the presence of the flame.
Didn’t we come to bring a sense of wonder
Didn’t we come to lift our fiery vision bright
Didn’t we come to bring a sense of wonder in the flame.

I altered the verse a bit from: ‘I’ to ‘We’

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