We Only Need One Mask

February 2, 2020

Somewhere along the road of awakening, spirituality, becoming ourselves, we will get confronted with the mask we are wearing, because carrying it is psychological opportunism and the soul seems to say: “How long are you going to fake it?”

It can be a very interesting process to take a conscious decision not to wear any at all, and not to wear any at all also seems problematic, since we have to know ourselves really well and not just put our raw expression of ourselves right in the face of the people we engage with.

It is an internal Matrix and we have to solve it the best way we can without compromising our own psychological safety and the psychological safety of others.

It can very well be in the landscape between being plain right honest and being brutally honest. Being brutally honest really requires a self-knowledge that very few people inhabit, so the ‘brutally honest’ often comes out as well wrapped nastiness in a pretty package. That is actually very dishonest. The new age version of that would be: “I think you are an asshole; I hate everything you stand for – Namaste.” Not worth wasting your time on if you get a lot of that.

So again we´re down to getting real and that takes some hard work.

The Matrix mask:

Being able to wear a mask will help you deal with the Matrix or control system so it’s all about knowing how to be illusive and stealth in the Matrix. The mask can help you there; that is one of the reasons (another is safety) why the Guy Fawkes mask has become a very powerful symbol of contempt of the Control System and everything it stands for.

But in confronting the Matrix we have to estimate our own power or our ability to impact it. Often when we engage personally with it, it can be confronted and altered, but hardly with anger or brutality since the Matrix knows these tools so very well and is way more skilled in using them than we are.

Softness and sweetness will get us far in the Matrix if we´re not putting up a too obvious mask but actually can show the servants of the Matrix some empathy. They will eat that like a stray dog longing for a good bone. So long since they met it last. I´m not talking about an abusive police officer here or some entity confronting your rights or your physical safety. I´m talking about the bureaucrats we meet in the different bodies of the System.

The key to pulling that off is to know the situation you are in or confronted with. It can, in more serious cases, be a choice between the lamb going to the slaughterhouse or the warrior in a combat situation.

There is a middle road here though: The warrior will always assess his strength and most importantly the strength of his enemy. It absolutely makes no sense, going into a battle that might not be even worth taking, if you know you’re up against something that can take you down with a snap of a finger.

Targeting the Matrix collectively, as some do by putting their strength and wisdom into exposing the lies, deceit and coldness of the Matrix, is another thing. The ones that can do that, without rage, are the ones to trust and learn from in this end of days.

© 2020 Soren Dreier

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