Weather Anomalies are Spreading Across the World

December 19, 2017

Coldest summer for 100 years in Queensland, Australia, Earliest ice formation in 71 years on the Han River, South Korea, 3.5 meters of snow in Germany.

The weather is going crazy around the world, breaking almost every week a new extreme event record. Here three examples of weather anomalies recorded these days around the world:

More than 1.5 meters of fresh snow and 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) of snow accumulation were recorded on The Brocken, also known as the Blocksberg, the highest peak of the Harz mountain range and also the highest peak of Northern Germany culminating at 1,141 metres (3,743 ft):

While normally very hot, the current summer in Queensland, Australia breaks record lows with temperatures dropping to 11 degrees Celsius below average, which is, even for forecasters, a “very unusual” phenomenon. Mount Isa had its lowest overnight December temperate ever on record at 12 degrees Celsius – 11C degrees below average. Burketown had a minimum of 17.7C which was the lowest they’d seen up there since 1920, but that was eclipsed today with 16C, and that’s the coldest December morning since 1907. Richmond yesterday was 11.8C which was the lowest there in December since 1909. And of course the reason behind this anomaly is unknown!

I would just like to add videos about some other strange weather events going on these last few days:

Aerial footage captured images of the Chilean village of Villa Santa Lucia buried beneath a thick layer of mud on Saturday, following a deadly landslide which killed at least five people.

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