Weed and Psilocybin – One Moment Please

September 29, 2019

‘When you assume – you make an ass out of you and me’
-Mike Myers.

I get a fair amount of mails each day from people(?) who apparently sees a problem with the amount of headlines on this site about Cannabis and Mushrooms.
They can go like: ‘Hey you shouldn’t be in this line of work you’re in when you’re high all the time’.
Or: ‘ Maybe rehab, think?’ or worse.
Anyway I am not exactly blasted by a sudden wave of cognitive energy in such mails – I just block the sender.

I also post what I can on pedophile abuse among the powerful, did a campaign on getting off social media. It would be downright silly to ass-u-me, that I am on any kind of social platform or that I fancy little boys and girls.
We are not by default what we fight and we are not by default what we endorse.
We can be in it for the information so that the reader can make up his or hers own mind.

A lady once wrote to me: ‘You will never be mainstream – you don’t tell people what to do!
I try not to. Better to provide the Information and we can make up our own mind.
I call it respect and avoiding the Guru Trap.

But maybe I could straighten what should be obvious out:

I find these compounds very, very interesting, due to the taboo of debating them, and it still is there: Hence the mails.
The Dao says: ‘In times of confusion – go back to the source.’

The source of the taboo comes from Richard Nixon’s War on Drugs- basically a hit job ordered by the alcohol lobby on the U.S and the need for the Deep State USA (CIA) to introduce cocaine and ‘Rock’ into the black neighborhoods in the USA with Them skimming the profit.
They wanted to control the market. And they succeeded.
All this can be verified by doing a simple search on the Internet.

When the spell is broken and the lies proved to be lies, it’s time to examine what they also kept from us: The healing properties of these compounds.

Via my work with people I can also say the in the case of Magic Mushrooms, nothing shorter than ‘Miracles’ happens.

I know people who suffered, from decade long depressions and anxiety, victims of childhood abuse and PTSD, who got cured over a few days of therapeutically administered Psilocybin and the New Found Life that opens up after, and here a year after still happy as buttons. Not because they use it, but because they used it.

Once, we knew.
We were more or less self-medicating and would take the gifts Mother Nature provided us with, without some self-serving authority putting us in jail or controlling our intake of what we all felt was good for us at that time.

By imposing that control upon us, as you know, they handed us to Big Pharma and we have seen the downfall of that racket, lately by the exposure of Purdue’s Oxycontin racket.
I have often said that the condition of living in the Matrix makes people sick and in pain, so Opioids sure came in handy.

It is vital for me to keep posting about these compounds, Cannabis and Mushrooms to help tear the wall down and finally give people the information they can use to make a solid choice for themselves.
Another thing is to have a ‘database’ where searchers can find the information they need to do exactly that.

And then there is the flow of nectar down Mount Olympus, where the self-proclaimed God’s live.
Latest in this article:

Canberra Legalizes (Some) Cannabis

‘Under the new law, which takes effect on 31 January, adults in Canberra will be able to carry up to 50 grams (1.8oz) of dried cannabis and grow two cannabis plants.’……..

It’s very interesting, that is why I put in the word ‘Some’.
First of all: Who ever gave politicians (not many left) permission,  they are bureaucrats thinking themselves entitled, to micro manage our lives. I didn’t give them that permission and if you didn’t either – they took it!

Let me trade the Weed with Alcohol.
Imagine this headline: Canberra Legalizes Alcohol (Some)

It is now allowed for people living in Canberra to have two bottles of alcohol in their home and to carry no more than a six pack out of the supermarket.
Imagine the uproar.
The All Australian Barbecue which makes suburbia Down Under look like a Luftwaffe Blitz Krieg seen from space would be in apocalyptic danger of hitting a dry spell.

And 2 plants?
WHAT two plants?
‘Blue Dream’ strain who yields approximately half a kilo Marijuana per plant or a much less yielding strain.
If the choice is two bottles of alcohol, who would go for two bottles of wine when there is 80 percent Rum to carry home instead?
It’s absurd and nanny nanny and people love to be nannyfied.

You don’t love it when you have individualized into realizing your own authority on yourself, stopped outsourcing your self responsibility and have seen through the hypocrisy of the control system.

Keep on pushing….

© 2019 Soren Dreier

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