Weeping Holy Statues – Tombs Bleeding

June 4, 2018

Maybe the collective ‘not-so-bright’ present…..It has nothing to do with ‘the conversion of hearts’, which is the Catholic agenda, always trying to franchise ‘God’.
It has everything to do with these statues and such are vortexes for celestial connections. Be Buddhist, Hindu or connected to the metaphysical Field of the Christ.

If we can cry, be sad over the state of the Planet and the People walking it – so can the celestial.

‘Weeping’ Holy Statues, Tombs ‘Bleeding’

“Miracles” connected with religious artifacts have been steadily increasing in numbers over the past years, and some churchgoers have begun to portray a not-so-bright future for humanity.

Creepy videos of Virgin Mary statues weeping water and blood, together with the purported tomb of Jesus Christ claimed to be bleeding, have caused some Christians to believe that the apocalypse is upon them, according to the Daily Star.

A recent clip claimed to be a statue of Jesus’ mother crying in New Mexico emerged last week, and churchgoers asserted that the “tears” smell like “flowers”; the Catholic Church even launched a probe into the case. In another even more hair-raising suggestion, registered in Mexico in 2016, a similar sculpture was purported to have appeared to cry blood, according to witnesses.

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