Covid – Well, What’s The Problem Then…?

November 19, 2020

Did people just by random get healthier and decided not to die in 2020, sort of on top of a ‘ deadly pandemic’
Following the logic’s of the statistic it should be: 3.375 ( 3.367+8) more deaths, since Covid is the newcomer on the hit list.
Only explanation is: The Death Certificates are cooked into Covid Deaths and covers what people normally dies from.
Nothing suspicious here folks!

Total UK deaths from all causes in October was only EIGHT more than last year, ONS report shows

An Office for National Statistics report today found there were 43,265 fatalities recorded last month — just eight more than in October 2019 — of which 3,367 involved Covid-19 (7.8 per cent).

The statistics-crunching body has previously said that deaths were ‘front-loaded’ this year because so many elderly and vulnerable people fell victim to the disease in the spring.

The 3,367 Covid-19 deaths meant the disease was third leading cause of death in England last month, having climbed from 19th in September, when there were 690.

It makes October the fourth deadliest month since the pandemic struck behind April, when there were 30,000, May 12,600 and June 4,200.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s were the leading causes of death in England last month, claiming 4,871 lives, followed by heart diseases, which killed 4,282 people. Flu and pneumonia were the seventh biggest killers, with 1,262 deaths.

In Wales, 285 of the 2,992 people who died in October had Covid-19 on their death certificate, the highest there since May, when there were 678 virus-related fatalities.

The 2,992 deaths there is 118 more deaths than in October 2019 and 258 more deaths than the five-year average for the month (8.6 per cent).

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