What The Forgotten 7 Wonders Of The Ancient World Really Looked Like?

May 3, 2019

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A list of the greatest examples of human ingenuity, remarkable architecture and genius engineering conducted by various Hellenic authors in guidebooks and poems dates from 1st-2nd century BC. Contributors to the list of classical antiquity include Philo of Byzantium, Herodotus, Callimachus of Cyrene and Antipater of Sidon. But if you decide to base your holiday plans on this iconic list you’re likely to be disappointed as only one of the original ancient wonders survived the ruthless test of time – the mighty Great Pyramid of Giza.

Even though most of the wonders have fallen into disrepair, they continued to inspire masterful artists to use their imagination and turn the intangible relicts of Earth’s early civilizations to life. Budget Direct decided to give the modern culture-lovers a chance to visit the majestic ancient structures through a series of photo-realistic 3D renderings. After in-depth research, the exceptional work of architectural design duo Keremcan Kirilmaz and Erdem Batirbek, under the guidance of NeoMam’s art director, and motion graphic artists at Fractal Motion, lifelike recreations depict how the seven wonders would have looked in their heyday.

“Our goal was to inspire people to rediscover the long-forgotten wonders of the ancient world. We aim to spark the curiosity of frequent travellers and Internet users alike, showcasing areas of the world that perhaps they’ve not read about before and have considered visiting. Our focus was to bring these relics to life so that readers could get a better feel of what they really looked like in their prime. The result is seven animated beautiful reconstructions that bring these unique structures to life before your very eyes!” – said the authors of the project.

We grant you a ticket for a breathtaking journey through the seven wonders of the ancient world, so fasten your seatbelts!

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