When Transcendence Comes Knocking – The Door Opens

June 15, 2021

Often, we can get trapped into mirroring what we fight..

I have often spoken about religion in my writings, and it should be clear that I´m not into religion in boxes, the entrapment in religion, and mostly religion being used as a form of control.
Not my thing.
This is the last I will say on that, since I’m tired of embedding a disclaimer – which is basically an excuse – and I have the belief that if you have to excuse yourself, and your spirituality, or whatever else is in your soul, you’re basically surrendering to the same mechanics we see in the control system, now facilitated by mainstream ‘wokeness – chokeness’.

When talking of religion some really don’t realize the difference between the torturing and repressiveness of the Spanish Inquisition and the holy life of St. Francis. It’s like comparing Mengele to Buddha.

They do not see the frequency of the suppressive and dark interpretation of Islam and the poems of our most admired Rumi (Sufism) Rumi focused his spirituality or religious blueprint on how sensuality, love, was a pathway to ‘God’ and enlightenment, precisely and with surgical precision insisting that ‘God’, surrendering to the feminine and masculine spirit, and by that surrendering we can truly merge – is a field of Love and not a bearded judgmental entity in the skies.

I would like to focus a bit on the beauty of the spiritual dynamic in what we label as ‘religion’, but maybe should label as pointers to Wholeness, Oneness, everybody has a right to be here, Love is all, and what have we. Exactly the same words as the awakening uses, but some use them as words or a longing, and not an experienced metaphysical reality.

Yogananda, whom I think it’s fair to describe as an awakened soul, traveled to Europe. He was quite impressed while staying in a monastery in Germany, that the nuns instead of using the door to his room for the night, came right through the walls with his evening tea. As a Yogi, he knew how to transcend the Matrix of the physical world and see solid physical construct as an illusion. Quite like the Matrix Movie.

My point being, that the nuns had transcended the limitations of the physical construct by focusing on the esoteric field of their beloved Jesus. That esoteric field has dynamics and promises, promises given by the lived experiences of nuns before them. And yes, there are power ghoulish nuns denying life and there are awakened nuns focusing in gratitude on the Gift of Life and allowing it to flow in any direction it might take, even though it’s not their thing. Which seems to be my point here, also.

The esoteric field of Jesus holds what a lot of people are striving for: Love, Peace and Forgiveness. Every time we mention that, we plug in knowingly or unknowingly to that field.

There is no big difference between the esoterics of Jesus and the esoterics of Eastern religions and their approach to enlightenment. It’s the same dynamic that goes cross-cultural, and when they do that: they are real. And we can plug into them and they will catapult us into self-development on a high frequency celestial scale, and I for one haven’t got the strength to walk this life and this planet without plugging into what is Celestial to me.

We all have different approaches to what is celestial or not and it is very good that we have that, since it gives us the opportunity to either inspire each other or start some evolutionary friction.

The Monks of Athos, Greece who are devoted to the Virgin Mary, experienced that they started to have a more feminine walk, their voices get higher pitched and they start to develop breasts after practicing their focus on the Field of their beloved Mary.

Buddhism, which is a tapestry of Gods and demons offers enlightenment through purifying the body, mind and soul by setting a compass for: In the end YOU are God, but until you reach that state, we have to deal with the celestial realm of minor Gods in in-depth meditation.

We’re all more or less trying for: Love, Peace and Forgiveness, and we have that field as the LIGHT in all religions and spiritual practices. So why kick them out?

There is a difference between Awake and Enlightened.

Why not try for both since it’s a field that got separated and we have to bring it together again, for the right reason. There really are no contradictions, the only thing there is, is: UNITY.

I often hear that word a lot as an empty slogan.

We need  an experienced spiritual reality

We all try to build a suitable road, first for ourselves, by living it – and very few travels the mileage of: Love, Peace and Forgiveness, and for my little soul, that’s enough work for a lifetime or two.

We´re all nomad souls (no mad souls) seeing this world for what it really is,.

We all have to get very real and not fake a spirituality, not fake where we are right now, and still going into the realms of exploration, doubts, spiritual fears and this is exactly where the Awakened get trapped:
By projecting mundane fears into the Celestial. Or go cult and let someone else run their lives…often a Guru who thinks his magic wand is the one attached between his legs.

People aren’t that stupid anymore. Pay them some respect – they don’t need self-appointed awakened Spanish Inquisition bans – they need the freedom of body, mind and spirit. Don’t take more away than the Matrix already has. Folks can filter and make up their own solutions.

Which brings me to: Manifesting Holy.

We manifest holy. Like we manifest most.

Let me give an example:

Some would say that Jesus is a hoax and all religion is Matrix distortion. Some would say that Jesus is real.

You know what: Spiritually it doesn’t matter that much – so maybe don’t get stuck in that. It matters on another level of truth. For some: Religious truth, personal truth, it matters deep into their souls.

When we see, hear, touch, feel what we perceive to be The Truth – We have a moment of transcendence, because the consciousness expands. It has to to embed what we found.

No matter how we turn it – that moment is a spiritual moment, very privat, very pristine and our connection to what we each see as Celestial, since the Mundane is put to a halt.
It does not have the words for it, which is of minor importance, the important thing is: That it transports us out of the Mundane, intellect, science and whatnot. Because seeing, hearing or finding the Truth – is a feel.
A high Frequency feel.
In order to understand it – We have to have the experience of it.

What I am getting at here is that we manifest ´Holy’ and sometimes that field responds and often it does if we plug into that field, whether it be Jesus, Buddhism, Shamanism, Hinduism and so on.

We know now from cutting edge science that we can alter the field of quantum physics with our attention. Let me put that into spiritual context:

Jesus is a field, whether he was or was not. What I refer to as: The Field of The Christ.

If he was not:

That field got and still get created by the prayers, admiration, longing for redemption, forgiveness, love and so on of billions of souls for centuries. They simply built the field and when that field got powerful enough, it gave birth to Jesus with the qualities that were and are the focus of billions of people longing out of control, into a world where good would conquer evil and we all are one under the sun.

And since dark religion hijacked Jesus and made him a focal point for fear, judgment and so on, that field also embeds those suppressing frequencies.

Well, that just goes to show how sick the Control System is, and it’s really disturbing at a high frequency level, when warmongering psychopath politicians just look so holy around Christmas time, pretending to honor The Prince of Peace.

It’s such a disgusting performance – but should that keep you away? It shouldn’t if you have that urge. Don’t identify with the abuse – identify with what’s in your heart.

We manifest what we perceive to be holy by creating it with our intention/attention and now we can understand via science how we do it, if we have that need.

If you and I should come up with an idea of holy being a specific rock on a specific mountain in a specific place, even that rock would start to vibrate, alter in frequency by the amount of focused attention it gets.

If we could get others in on The Holy Rock, it would multiply its frequencies, it would get radiant, and if billions followed it would start to float in the skies.

So it really doesn’t matter if the framework of religion is a man-made construct. And this is where the Matrix really, thank you, didn’t do itself a favor, since it at first didn’t realize that it actually created the Main Frame of spiritual free thinking, well grounded, and actually lived out experienced spirituality of: Love, Peace and Forgiveness.

Because they had their attention on providing the Main Frame, they didn’t realize the that the dynamics in the core would create the needed counterwave to take them down, when we actually experienced the magical metaphysical powers inside the construct.

That is why they mock these qualities. That’s why they created the hippie – thingy in the sixties – to divert it into sex, drugs and rock roll.

So every time we use those Celestial terms, we’re the target of far away laughter. Only problem is – we don’t give a damn, because our awakening to what this society is really all about and who and what runs it.

The last thing we need now is a freshly cooked fear of the celestial. I so wish that the awakening mainstream actually would wake up to that fact.

Let’s start bringing together what was torn apart.

Transcend – Purify – Glorious.

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