Where No Shelter Can Hold…

June 21, 2020

Sort of just contemplating….

Good people are getting stirred and shaken at the present, once again the calm inside goes haywire and loss of direction kicks in. When the calm inside gets stirred up, it doesn’t mean the heart-based toning is gone, it ‘just’ changes frequency. We once more have to dive into our attachments and detachments.

The treasures of this world are not by default bathed in light – they often rest in the darkest of places. Sometimes high impact events on an emotional scale will shed light in the darkest corners of the inner realms of consciousness and empowerment will kick in, transcending the darkest of moments into shining light.

There’s beauty to be found in the obvious and there’s beauty to be found in abandoned worn out factory halls where doves come to rest for the night.

“It’s hard to stick to the heart in the matrix”, some say.
There’s an overlooked quality of the heart and mind I would like to point to: Staying Power. Even though we seem to have rested too long without the feeling of making any progress. Seasons for rest – seasons for growth. The eternal swing of the eternal pendulum in the eternal Dao.

It’s like looking at a piece of art from the same position and thinking: it’s not that interesting, it has lost its magic.
A custodian sees that, takes your hand and says: Try this angle and the piece of art once again reveals itself in all of its beauty.
So obviously hidden and such a tiny move in order for perception to change. Shifting the Status Quo, for beauty and love into action for beauty and love.

The custodian maybe responded to the longing and you once again can love, but nothing in this life is solitarily an external affair, so you were merely pointed toward a change of perspective. A quality of the creative consciousness, the only thing really that can fuel changes.

Again, we find ourselves looking for the beauty, love, belongingness by forcing ourselves to go outside the status quo of the void. Outside the confinement of any conditioning in any locked up spiritual or non-spiritual community.

It is that simple and people will break their spirit in order to defend the confinement of the container and drown inside it with a gasp of specialness, not knowing that outside the container – water has the freedom to flow where ever it wants.

That is why engaged people are breaking the chains right now looking for beauty and love outside the confined spaces in every matrix construct.  And that change of perception is a revolution.

We need Leaving Power in these constructs, we need to disengage and transcend into Staying Power understanding that this maybe is our flip-sided coin since the only thing we cannot escape is the beauty and love that we all embed within us. The seed of the God Force – if you want.

There is no such thing as outside on the mileage we have to cover here. Further in we have to travel to find that place of power and give up the illusion of being lesser, weary, sick, downtrodden; realizing we are just a minor adjustment away from the great unfolding of The Heart Force.

The custodians of 3D perception. We manifest them and give them power in fear of what?

Our divinity? Our true home? Our awakening to ourselves? Our awakening to the needs of others?

If we can manifest – we can also dissolve.

Give it some staying power sprinkled with leaving power – a most delicate balance, boldness, spiritual honesty, no more emotional double-talk and begone the illusiveness that seems like a comforting shelter. No shelter can hold against the fierceness of the winds of change we both so long for and we fear.

Be that bold wind and allow its calm.

©2018-21 Soren Dreier – Guidance


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