Why Are Authentic People Happier?

December 10, 2019

Three reasons why authenticity leads to happiness.

In 2014, researchers at Louisiana Tech University published an important study in which data were collected from college students about their levels of authenticity and life satisfaction. Their results showed that those who showed greater authenticity were more satisfied months later with their lives.

This and other similar evidence points to the conclusion that authenticity is a way of being that leads to happiness.

There are three main reasons for why this might be:

First, the more authentic you are the more likely you will be to be following your own path in life, whatever that is. You will be doing what feels most natural for you, developing your interests, and cultivating your curiosity. In turn, you become highly skilled and expert at what you do. It might be that it is what you do in your leisure that gives you this sense of following your own path, or perhaps you have managed to find a way of earning your living that achieves this. Either way, as you pursue your own passions in life you develop your sense of competence.

Second, the more authentic you are, the more able you are to withstand the pressures from other people around you to be the person they want you to be, rather than who you are. You will be free to be yourself, to understand your motivations and goals in life. You will better understand what makes you tick and be able to trust yourself to make decisions. The authentic person values their autonomy.

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