With the Desire to Awaken, Comes the Need for Individualizing

January 11, 2020

When we Wake Up to the deceptions of this world on a mundane level, we will wether we like it or not remove us from the sleepy following the system blindly. We often call it detachment. Detaching from what we each see as lies, deceptions, and acquired dependency, which we are taught from a very early age: is all there to protect us and keep us safe.

Eventually, we will see, each one in his own time, that the powers we placed our trust in makes this world unsafe, whether it be big politics, local politics, health care, you name it.
When they say: It’s for your own safety – we better run like hell.

So, we end up, on a positive note as we detach and – we observe even more, because we now are the observer. 

Metaphysically and psychologically, we can see what’s going on, because we are not interwoven through the fabric of fear into a system that on a daily basis abuses us. We do not allow the Matrix to mess with our emotions anymore.

That is the reason we have to let go of fear and moving further along that awakening will give us more fear, since we detach from things that we used to think of as perimeters of safety. They weren’t, they were actually impacting us, playing us for fools and a blitzkrieg on our nervous system.

When we do, the hive mind and the tribal consciousness kicks in. Condemns us, ridicules us, and shames us, and we have to be invisible to that. Making us the target for far away laughter and seeing us as enemies.

We eventually turn all these weapons the other way, as we go into Warriorhood, fighting for our soul and hereby the souls of others. Then we start to be a threat to the “System.”

The choices present themselves when we get so world weary that we have to decide what we are: A Right Fighter or Fighting for what is right.

When we each make up our minds in accordance to the fabric of our souls, we make one of the most important decisions in our lives. Some have to be Right Fighters and some have to fight for what’s right. We all had it up to here, living in a world where love’s a small word thing.

Some have to say: I will not give this any more attention, there’s a war here, there’s a war there, and injustice over there and over there. Whatever we chose, we have to figure out the paradox of: ‘We Are All One’ or ‘We are all in this together.’

Often heard as mindless slogans and memes that have no real depth to them.

We start to struggle with it and we try to align these very different states of awareness.

Because and that is the key to it: We have to have a genuine sense of self. The more the genuine sense of self grows, the more we are probed to detach from this world and all of its false conflicts from the manufacturing of wars to the line at the post office into: We will not be shaken, we will not again fall prey to fear, and we will keep our inner Zen by acting and by not reacting, which is the trap they will need us to fall into.
If we fall into that trap of reacting by default – they still have their hooks in our psychological skin and we find ourselves in a state of: Not being free, but sucked in.

I could argue, and I will, that when we are in that state, we have to watch out for not falling into the “Woke” trap, which rides society in a new form of the Spanish Inquisition, and we find that we have to react to everything about the control system, which we will at the start capturing the rapture of Waking Up. It’s exhorting but the only way through is though.

About the “Woke” tidal wave: Ya, your Zuper Woke but not Aware.
About becoming Awake: Ya, your Waking Up, Aware and trying to push it further.

It’s all dream states seen from a metaphysical perspective.

The core question or paradox is still, how do we individualize and still identify with group-tribal-collective consciousness?

Individualizing can’t be done inside those entities.

So, we will have to be in a hive mind for a bit, because we need to get inspired by others, we need to know that there are people like us out there, but:
We don’t have to agree on all. We do not detach from a control system to enter a new one, do we?

Every group has its control system often facilitated very stealth or very clear by fear. The fear of the “Outside.” The fear of social exclusion and so on.

We can do it by entering groups and such in a detached state of mind and they usually won’t have it. They want your full commitment to every facet of the group’s thinking.

If that’s the case, you are not in the right place, since the Self in you isn’t respected. It seems that way and they will suck up your ego, but if you insist on your individualization – condemnation hits you.

Untangle yourself.

From birth, we seek to individualize – we have the age of defiance, which should really be called The Age of Finding Out That You Are You and not everybody else. Traditionally, that comes at the age of 2-3. That society calls it the Age of Defiance speaks for itself – it’s a negative. When what it really is, is positive.

Socialist systems set the perimeter for Children’s Psychology to be Group over Individual, and that is why they don’t work.
Western school of thought favors the individual, often on the expense of the collective. That is why that is no path.
For overblown egos, it’s a good path.
The path lies in between being Aware and Awake to both One´s own Self, Others, and its group/social impact.
All Self´s Are Not The Same!

I heard this remark in a kindergarten:

The teacher going: Everybody, go wash your hands.
One child stayed behind.
The teacher says: Why aren’t you washing your hands like I just said?
The kid said: I am not everybody!

Two ways of seeing that:
That is one hell of an entitled special Ego or Wow, you know that you are you.

I thought that the response the child gets now will determine how I see this teacher’s consciousness.
Luckily, she said: I know you are, honey – but it’s hard for me to tell everybody one at a time.

That’s the situation we are still in when we talk about being Awake and Politics, Organisations, Groups, and such. It just got a bit more dependent and thick and still most refuse to see that. We are indeed programmed from early on.

Let’s mirror this into the spirituality.

Gurus, Leaders and self serving Teachers.

They use the same mechanics of following blindly.
If you´re in such a situation, please examine if you still have your own mind, are allowed to have it at all. But if we’re in such a situation, we rarely see it and when we do break free it often costs us the Dark Night of The Soul, since we have to acknowledge that we still were puppets getting our strings pulled.

As we go along and get smarter about this, the dynamics in this gets more and more transparent, but they are also the most toxic ones.
It´s a long and weary walk Home, luckily its also quite joyful as we conquer those deceptions.

If anyone contradicts the given word in Religion: You’re Satan.
If anyone contradicts the given word in a New Age religion/Following: You’re Dark, Ghoul infested. It’s your Shadow…..
It’s not really you talking, see, it’s the darkness inside you talking and you’re not really yourself and so on they will say, and that is what this Group thinks it is for: To protect you from exactly that, but only, only from external oppression of your true Self.

It’s all deceptions. And the weapon of Group pressure is a powerful and popular weapon.
When we walk into a field, we do not pick all the flowers, we pick the one’s we fancy.

The optimal is, of course:

“Yes, you are welcome in our field and to pick its flowers, and when you are done, you are welcome to pursue your path into Self in any way and form you like.”
– Not many can or will deliver that.

Some do. Find them. We are all midwifes giving birth to a Self in a Soul who has wandered through time and space to find it. We really need to respect that.

Being a Loner this way or not afraid of that is a bit scary, but you will run into others that have chosen that path too.
The less travelled – but the true way Home.
They know what it has cost you and they honor that in you.
Enjoy the warmth and joy around the campfire as long as it satisfies you needs.
Share your insights as they share theirs. Thats the only thing expected, or else you’re free to wander off.

No Ghouls will eat you, no “Satan” will find you – you just left that dynamic. Let it go. Purge it.

A Strong sense of Self can truly add to the collective.
Echo chambers,  not that much.

© 2020 Soren Dreier

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