You Are Legion!

May 16, 2020

There are a lot of people suffering right now.
I outlined some suffering in the prior post and that list is not by any means the full list of sufferings.

Recap: The crisis in 2008/09.
People lost work and weren’t capable of making ends meet. I live in a country, Spain, where they had a significant spike in suicides, relationship breakdowns, along with breakdowns in their social circles.

For some people, losing their job is like a close relative dying.
Because first, the job means a lot obviously to keep the household going, but it’s also for many – their social glue.
And people spend more time at work than they spend time with their partner, kids and family.
That leaves a void that many can’t cross and that void is back.
As you probably remember, the banks got bailed out by taxpayer money (us) and yet it took the banks about five seconds to return to their usual arrogance, treating customers with coldness, denying people any help.
The banks let the same people sink that helped them sail on. Cute.

Let’s not go into that trap again.

They can only do that if they can make you believe that your problem is individual!
You should feel guilty, responsible, have a bad conscience and such.
Do not buy into that.

Whatever situation you find yourself in:
You had nothing to do with it! It isn’t you fault! You are not to blame!
Do not plug into their guilt trip.
In 2008/09 it was Wall Street that crashed the housing market.

This time it is your government.
You did not ask for this fear pandemic. You got caught up in its tidal wave.  Even if you see through it, reality as we have known has changed.

As an example:

Here where I currently live, approximately 700.000 people who now are unemployed have not received ‘government money’ since mid-March. Unable to buy food, unable to pay rent, forced to live on hand outs from family and friends.
If every one of these 700.000 people think they have an individual problem, they are in a powerless situation.
Not easy to beg family or friends for money.

If every one of these people think and act out of the knowledge that:
“Hey, I´m not alone in this, I am 700.000”, the System of Fear will have a big problem. When things transcend from a private problem to a collective problem – they will have a movement on their hands. If the System of Fear were clever in the first place, they would have made sure to pay people what they owe them and had promised them.
Unless they want riots – which would not surprise me.

That is the crack in the Matrix to take into consideration.
If one person slips into that crack – it won’t be felt. If 700.000 do it, the whole construct falls.

Always – when the system tries to squash you into obedience or tries to make you feel guilty for not living up to the responsibilities you perceive you have financially: Return to Sender.
Walk away from being the guilty part.

You are not One – You are Many.

That is the change of perception we need, if we want things to change.

This is where: ‘We are all One…’ is not just a spiritual slogan, but a Mundane reality.

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