Zen and the Core Within

October 4, 2017

Are you experiencing spiritual people becoming more and more incoherent and downright nasty?

Do you have the feeling that it’s hunting season for nasty and destructive more or less moronic attacks on your outer perimeters of inner safety?

Are you getting diagnosed as either: Angry, sad, not yourself lately, strange, dictator and what have we.

Are you experiencing people questioning your motives, coming in stealth using meta-communication, or do they hit you directly. Well, you’re not alone.

There are a lot of mechanics in this and the reason can be hard to pinpoint, since God only knows how many agendas you’re being taken hostage of in these days. One thing is certain: It’s open hunting season in Nomad City.

It has a magnitude that got me thinking: What the hell is this? Have people been hammered with the created ‘pumped up on steroids’ madness of the media, EMFs, Chemtrails, GMOs, Solar Flares, and years of unattended radiation from the Fukushima? Zombified, incapable of thinking just one straight linear thought and acting with just at slight touch of honor, dignity and respect?

You have a core within you. Around that core you have protective shields like:

Your ego (oops, yes I said that), your personality which is a blend between your ego and the higher ego or outer perimeters of the soul, your surface based emotion, your deeper emotions and the feel-of-it-all.

It takes a really long time to establish an inner core as goes for your central value system in which you see the world and all of its doings, business and beings. I take it for granted, in another dimension of things, that the core is built and strengthened life after life. In other words: The core is your genuine you, without all the illusions of the architecture of your being, such as the emotional, intellectual and physical life.

The Core is the naked you, no clothes on, no fanciness. The Silent Witness combined with all your victories and defeats and the sum of learning by doing.

A straightforward advice: Don’t compromise on that. If you do, you will lose yourself and the road back is long and weary.

Having said that: Only humble folks sometimes doubt their core. If it’s still up for questioning and learning: It’s still up for doubt.

‘The Knower’ who rests silently in the core, always can get wiser. Spiritually humble people both have an elastic core and a solid core. It transcends and right now – we have to guard it ever more vigilantly than before. We pull on ´The Knower’  day by day in order to manifest that: Heaven on Earth that we can and that sometimes makes us weary. Scavengers roaming the streets looking to take a good person down, smell human warmth to fuel them, and like vampires they go in for the bite.

If you want your inner deepest core protected, it’s good to look for people at the same frequency as you and not give it to low frequency attacks.
In fact it’s not only good: It’s a question of life and death: physiologically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. You can’t afford that, Pilgrim.
Not now, when you have traveled all this way to come here and challenge and heal and uplift and take down what is needed.

When the scavengers go for your core – slay them down. Lift your sword or walk away. All that warrior energy that you embed, it’s fully okay to release it. Take no more bullshitting when it comes to the deepest realms of your being.

Maintain the perimeters of your core because they are the only constructs protecting your castle: The Golden Cave.
Right now only lower the gates for people you trust.

They attack with diagnoses of this and that. Diagnoses as: You’re angry, you’re indifferent, you’re boring, you’re too much drama. You’re a target for far away laughter, a target for gossip, but you’re past that. It’s your perimeter getting hammered, but every perimeter can only withstand so much, then it cracks. That’s why you have to keep the perimeter in high maintenance.

If you’re having trouble right now with keeping the perimeters safe, walk away, retreat, or take down a few zombies, just to keep in shape.

Gossip is a bitch and that bitch thrives well in the New Age: ‘All is love’.
I hear she manages a successful Brothel.

So look out for that outside diagnosis and even more:
Look out for you. Don’t diagnose yourself that way unless there’s something really weird going on in you in that area. Buying into that argument is per default feeding the therapeutic industry, either in the Matrix or in Spirituality.

Gossip is simple: Comes from people who feel they don’t have a life – so they have to pump themselves up in order to appear just mildly interesting. Yes, a diagnosis – but at least a clear one.

Marshall Rosenberg who did the Non Violent Communication Technique, divides communication into two entities and realms: Giraffe language and Jackal language.

Giraffe language because the Giraffe is the animal on the savannah of life that has the biggest heart, since it has to pump the blood up to the brain. Giraffes can see the farthest. Jackals bite. Accusing, and diagnosing. And every diagnosis you get from scavengers, and it’s fair to state that, comes from low-life sub-human Jackals. Every god damn thing is your bloody fault, and you’re wrong and stupid, false and dumb.

Is somebody playing you?

Watch out for that too. These are not the best times to get played around with. One moment people say this, then they do that, then they do that and say this.

If you confront them, they will enter a very long and exhausting therapeutic: This is why, and in the meanwhile you may think: Oh my god, it’s like watching a train wreck emerging.
They will drive themselves of the cliff and you’re very aware of that fact. You can let them crash or take a deep breath and save them. Sometimes, people learn more from the crash, but watch out if you save them, that they don’t take you as a therapeutic hostage then. Only do that if you really can invest in it.

Spirituality is, by far, not all cute and cuddly.

Spirituality is not the only word that covers self-development. Spirituality covers self-development when it becomes humble and when you transcend with the idea of: This 3D reality cannot be all. Then you open the spiritual door. Not before.

I think it’s fair to say that the atheist develops just fine. And that is the hallmark of spirituality, it also understands that. I have touched upon the special feeling of specialness, since we’re all very special, but the special feeling of specialness isn’t a core feeling. It’s EGO.

Spirituality is also embedding the warrior and administering that energy or frequency. Some folks still think it’s wrong to get angry. What?

Well, let’s call it ‘High Frequency Pissed’ then.

Sometimes we might blow a fuse or two. So what? Too spiritual for that? Ah, you’re perfect, sorry. All of us are not yet. We’re still practicing and we grant you the same right if you should ever need somebody to grant you permission to express the genuine you. Which I really don’t think you should. The New Age Police force have many souls entrapped with its more or less life fearing ‘this and that’. ‘ Be Yourself’ and a sober spirituality- is all we need.

Even Deepak gets pissed. Well, Deepak is a good people who gets hammered with low frequency attacks. I won’t even think of questioning Deepak’s spirituality.

I relate to ‘You’s’ better that I relate to ‘Me’s’… ‘Me’s’ can be so needy, can’t they? Gossiping, labeling you, targeting you even though they don’t have the slightest clue who you really are.

You’re just another soul walking this planet in a vortex of planetary troubles, trying to stay sane in it, and for every penetration we can do in order to take the Matrix down, worms come crawling out of the woodwork, ghoulish like, trying to creep you out of your inner core and long found sanity.

If you’re getting attacked for whatever, and you feel your core is shaking: Know that you are humble, and yes, you probably are right and targeted. Stay in Self and trust your core – it’s not easy these days.

There’s a fight going on – no more bloody time wasting trying to massage everybody’s little overseen ego. Pull your sword and slay some dragons. Time is not on our side right now. Cowboy Up and Come Home.

We are still on the Nomad Road singing:

And so it was
That we came to travel
Upon a road
That was horned and narrow
Another place
Another grace
Would save me

We have to manifest that place and grace more than ever.

When we set out we will be a fierce force and we will show them the mercy they deserve and we will conquer this planet back in the ambience of the dignity that it deserves.

© 2017 Soren Dreier / Full repost only by permission.

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